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Waves is a Blockchain token platform that allows the creation transfer and exchange of custom and fiat tokens and assets through the Blockchain without volatility.The Waves liteclient will feature a Portfolio, voting area to facilitate consensus on various projects and a messaging center.

Based on NXT's colored coin technology, Waves was built from scratch to provide new features . Waves plans to deliver a KYC and AML compliant platform with multiple Bank partnerships that will act as gateways for fiat deposits and withdrawals.

Waves has recently formed a partnership with Mycelium Wallet.

Descentralized token exchange: Waves platform will facilitate fundraising, crowdfunding, and trading of
financial instruments on the blockchain with reduced volatility.

Custom and fiat token creation, deletion and transfer.

Asset-to-asset exchange.

Lightweight clients: Waves will provide a easy to setup light client that can run on any computer.

Waves is the first production system being built on top of the Scorex framework

Extensible solution: In order to fix the need for a mandatory hard fork when creating a new type of transaction on the NXT Platform (forcing network client software updates) WAVES offers plug-ins that are not included in the core software module, but are instead installed as an extension on top of it.

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