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The purpose of the NeverDieCoin and is to turn the mechanics of buying a new life in a game, or traveling within a game or between games into a utility that requires universal tokens. With a limit to the number of tokens in circulation, these utility tokens gain an intrinsic value as the demand to utilize them grows. The tokens will be consumed each time they are used within a game and divided through smart contract design and API into fragments to be re-looted, mined, or collected and re-crafted with player skill so that they can be traded between players and used again. This will create a turnkey starting point for all game economies, as players will need to harvest and trade between each other in raw virtual materials to pay for their new lives or to hop between games.

As each token is consumed through the utility, a fragment of the token will also be assigned to the game developer as operating income and into other funds. A percentage of each token consumed will be burned.

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